So pink slips of paper are really expensive

Posted on Jun 13, 2007

I have been using the library a lot to save myself from buying all of the books I want to read and have been having quite a bit of fun doing it. That was until today…

Last week I have ordered a book interlibrary loan style. That basically means that the local library system didn’t have it so they had to borrow it from another districts libraries. It went off without a hitch and I was allowed to borrow it until July 5th or there would be crazy $1.00 a day late fees.

When I received the book there was a pink piece of paper wrapped around the front cover which I took off and used as a bookmark. once I finished the book I took out the bookmark(pink slip) and threw it away prior to returning the book to the library.

Apparently you have to keep that piece of paper on the book when it is an interlibrary loan. Since I didn’t do this I have been assessed a $1.00 fine for the book, even though I turned it in two weeks early.

So apparently that pink paper is more expensive then the check-out receipt I normally use as a bookmark. I told the librarian that I was un-aware of the needing to keep the pink slip part of interlibrary loans and no one mentioned it when I checked out the book or that there would be a fine if it was missing.

She didn’t care. At all. So I punched her. In the nose. Real hard. She cried. Just kidding.