New Laptop plans

Posted on Jun 11, 2007

As I have mentioned before Sarah and I have two old laptops that when added together equal maybe one working laptop. We where thinking about trying to trade them in to Circuit City (denied) and also about donating them to somewhere. I recently, in Popular Science, read about damn small Linux and some interesting projects people have done with it and old laptops. This got me thinking about a couple of ideas.

  1. I have mentioned this one before, turning the one with the better screen into a digital picture frame. I think that this would be a great thing to be able to hang somewhere.
  2. Turning Tommy Sunshine’s laptop into some sort of an external hard drive for the mac, keeping it plugged into the airport network and storing stuff, like the pictures for the frame, on it.

I will try to keep you all posted on these projects and they will probably keep me busy for the summer.

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