Going to the Cat House

Posted on Jun 11, 2007

Sarah and I have this cat, his name is Reno and he is the crankiest, vilest, most loudest cat I have ever met. And that is just between 3am and noon.

He is really a pretty nice cat but he thinks that he should be an outdoor kitty and unfortunately we think that he should be an indoor kitty. So, in the spirit of compromise, we are building an outdoor cat habitat. This is basically a fancy way of saying an cage to hold our cat.

We are building it 4’w x 4’l x 6’h, most likely out of wood and a square wire mesh. We planning on adding a couple perches as well as a house to protect from the sun and rain, as well as a hammock for being lazy.

Currently we are still in the planning phase of the project and hope to get it started in the next two weeks(basically as soon as we get paid again). If you have any ideas, good or bad, that we could use to make this the fanciest damn cat house this side of the Big Thompson River, let us know.