Stupid Forza 2 developers being liar heads

Posted on Jun 5, 2007

I recently traded in a couple games and old systems to get Forza 2 for the XBOX 360. All and all I have been very happy with the game and enjoy racing and designing paint schemes for cars. One of the reasons I was very excited about this game was the fact that they had online auctions that you can sell your designs to other gamers.

Now normally when this sort of online capabilities is in an XBOX 360 game you are expected to be a Xbox live gold member. However one of the people who works at Turn 10 (the developer) stated in the forums:


You can still bid and sell on the auction house with a silver account.
You just can’t do any real racing.

I took this to mean that I could do the auctions and what not without shelling out an additional $50 for a Gold Membership. I got the game on Friday, thanks Bob, and I played it all weekend, ask Sarah I mean all weekend. Then yesterday I had just finished a paint job that I was quite happy with and I went to put it in the Auction house and bam ,denied.

So like any nerd I went to the forums, turns out it was randomly decided to discontinue this service to silver members. This means that Turn Ten are a bunch of Poopie Pants Stupid Heads…….and also liars.