Ad placement

Posted on May 25, 2007

I finally think my site is working well with adsense. I am still not getting rich off of the ads but I make a steady $1-2 a week. What I was failing to do was placing the ads far enough up on the sidebar that they where visible from the moment you get on the site.

I had my ads down so low on the site that if you where to visit you might not see them. Where I have them placed now seems to allow people to see the ads but I don’t feel that it disrupts the flow of the site or is to in you face.

For now I am quite happy with Google adsense and would recommend it to anyone who wants to try to make money in their blog. I will tell you that it is not a get rich quick idea unless your blog kicks ass. Since my blog doesn’t necessarily kick ass, but it kicks feet so it works ok.