I am a super poster

Posted on May 18, 2007

A couple months ago I started really trying to post more often on my blog. This we started mostly by the fact that I would post about once a week for three weeks and then disappear for about a month or two. I got to reading a bunch of blogs on making money while blogging and I realized that I was never going to reach the magic adsense money mark if I didn’t retain readers. So I started a three pronged blog attack.

Step one: Make site easier to read and navigate. I did this by getting a new cleaner theme as well as dividing everything up into categories. I then linked those to pages so that if you where interested in just diving you could find posts on that.

Step two: Make sure everything works. I went through my site and made sure that all of my analytics, feedburner and adsense stuff worked well and matched the site. I also started tracking my readership and trying to predict what days most people check back on my site for a new post. I also wanted to make sure that I knew how people were getting to my site.

Step three: Spread the word. I started this by using the feed burner headline animator and posting it anywhere that I visited often. I also tried to get people to come, look at my site and give me input on the theme that I was using up until a few days ago.

After all of this I have a lot more visitors per week and 89% of them are new. Hopefully this trend continues and I will be come rich…or at least have a lot of people read my site.