I am a really really bad race car driver

Posted on May 13, 2007

I recently downloaded the Forza 2 demo for my XBOX and I am really bad at it. This is due to two factors:

  1. I find that if you are too good of a driver that you will not appreciate the time Turn Ten took to record realistic crashing sounds and damaged car sounds. They spent millions on getting it to be ultra realistic and if I don’t enjoy the sound of crunching race cars then that money has been wasted.

  2. I am really just a bad driver. I do ok for 90% of a race. Then I get cocky and end up going off the road and usually hitting a wall before shooting back across the road usually causing a pile up of cars. While this is fun and all, if I am going to get anywhere when the real game comes out I am going to need to practice a lot.

Over all I would say that the graphics are as good as I expected them to be and while the demo showcased the racing very well, it left me wanting to explore the paint editor and the photo mode.