Project ate

Posted on May 11, 2007

I recently played a lot of Tony Hawk Project 8 on my 360. It was typical Tony Hawk game and I enjoyed it as I enjoy all the Tony Hawk games. I think that the graphics where good and the variety of activities was enjoyable.

Where the game let me down was in the character creation. I have gotten used to playing games that either let you fully customize you character or they don’t let you mess with them at all. The past to Tony Hawk games have let you select a basic character and then let you change their hair maybe add tattoos and change their clothes. Unfortunatly I want ot be able to create myself or some crazy idea of what I would look like as a professional skater in the video game.

While I thought the addition of a girl skater was a good idea, I think that the short skirts where just added so that video games had an excuse to look up a digital skirt. That to me equals LAME.

Other then those complaints I enjoyed the new trick features as well as the hospital bill total. If you liked the other Tony Hawk games you will enjoy this one as well.