Getting the dive set up

Posted on May 9, 2007

After my adventures in the pond I got to thinking about how much I would love to do more work underwater. I would really like it if more of my work led my underwater, not only because there is more money in working underwater but because I really enjoy working underwater.

So I started looking into what I would need to start diving on a more regular basis for money. The basics of what I need are a helmet or full face mask, communications, a air control device, a compressor and a way to connect it all.

As far as helmets and masks go Ideally I would like to get a Miller 400 or a Superlite 27B these are actual dive helmets that I used at dive school and I found them to both be more the adequete. Of course with a price around $6000 they had better be. A cheaper and just as good for most of the work I would probably be doing is an Interspiro AGA mask. This is a full face mask that I have used while training to attempt the deepest juggling record. It is right around $800 and would be allow me the same benifets of using communication systems and being able to use it with my SCUBA setup.

For a dive control system I would like to get the DSI Dive Control System 2A. This “rackbox” as they are known allows for the control of two divers air as well as the communications. It comes in a pelican type case that carries everything that you could need to dive. This system is made to either connected to a SCUBA cylender as an air supply or directly to a compressor. One of these run right around $7000 and would mate best with one of the helmets since the communications are built into the helmets to match this setup.

As far as a compressor goes ideally I would want to get Brownies Third Lung CTD-390X. This is a compressot that would allow me to dive safely to decent depths as well as provide back up air accumulation. Since it can support two divers it would allow me to have a safety diver or possibly have to diver in the water to get more work done. On the cheap side I could just get one of these it is a compressor for one diver and when paired with an AGA mask would allow me time underwater only limited by comfort and decompression times.
Lastly I would need to get an umbilicals made. I could either do this my self for cheaper or I could have them made for me. I don’t really have a good idea of the cost of this though I would think that it would be the cheapest of the supplies that I would need.

The figures come to about $1700 for the AGA mask-electric compressor setup and just over $20000 for all of the really nice equipment. Probably the best thing to do would be to save up for the cheaper stuff and then once I am making money diving invest in the good stuff. The nice thing about most diving equipment is that it is built to last.