Amazon WTF moment

Posted on May 2, 2007

Today I was looking online at racing wheels for the Xbox 360. I traversed the usual game sites and came across the Microsoft brand Wireless Racing Wheel. The wheel looks pretty cool, so I headed over to to get the good price. I searched for Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel on the homepage and got a whole slew of results. Including these two: 1 2. The first one is sold by another company through Amazon and is almost $80 more expensive. This confuses me. How can this ASUPERSHOP actually make money selling on Amazon. Not only is it more expensive for the same product, it ships in 6-10 business days instead of amazons 1-3 days. In fact I could by the Wheel and Forza Motorsports 2 from Amazon for less then just the cost of the wheel. That seems wrong…just wrong. And also stupid.