Posted on Apr 19, 2007

I got SSX: Blur from game fly the other day. All in all I have found it to be a fun if not randomly annoying. When I first received it I put it right in and played the free mode. I had such a hard time controlling my skier that I was immediately put off by the control scheme.

After playing through the..gasp..tutorials I gained better control of my character and found it to be a better game. I still had trouble with the slalom events but I eventually figured it out. I personally enjoy the racing aspect of the game rather then all of the tricks.

Why I prefer the racing is because I am, as I mentioned before, wii-tarded. I cannot for the life of me do the uber-tricks. This could be because I find things called Uber annoying or it could be because I am unable to draw the proper shapes fast enough.

Maybe with lots of practice I can over come my disability and become a real boy.