Craigslist to the rescue

Posted on Apr 9, 2007

One of my office people gave her two weeks notice last Tuesday and so once again I am having to hire another office person for that position. Unfortunately there are no more siblings of threadless to hire so we are going to have to do the old fashion way.

This time however we are mixing it up by adding craigslist into the usual mix, just like when we started to put all of our properties up on craigslist it has worked wonders. less then an hour after we put the add up we received 5 resumes about the job, awesome.

So I finally put the scooter up and am hoping to get some bites and maybe sell it and but Sarah and I a new computer or something since we have two busted half working laptops and a slow desktop. Maybe a Mac mini would solve all our problems, or at least make them look good.