Easter weekend

Posted on Apr 8, 2007

This easter weekend was nice. We had Liz and John over on Friday for potato soup, Wii and dying easter eggs. It was quite a good time. John and I played video games while I was making dinner and Sarah read. Once Liz arrived we but in the Labyrinth and ate. After eating we dyed eggs while the movie finished.

On Saturday we saw my parents and went out to Kenny’s for dinner, I had prime rib and since Sarah’s Stomach was a little mad at her she just had a baked potato and stole a few pieces of prime rib. After that we went home and where quite lazy

Sunday we got up and made fresh cinnamon donuts as well as the dessert for easter dinner. Around noon we headed over to Sarah’s mom’s house for turkey and then naps. After that Sarah and I headed home and cleaned the house. Now it is time to get ready for the week.