Wizards and Warriors

Posted on Apr 5, 2007

So recently I accidentally rediscovered my fondness for table top RPG. In doing so I wondered over to Wizards of the Coast, the self proclaimed leader in hobby gaming. That is all well and good, however their website is awkward and confusing. This is mostly because their online store is cluttered and confusing.

On their website they have a nice side menu that divides the different games they sell into the Genre of the game (Trading Card, Roleplaying, Miniatures). This gives the illusion of ease of use, however each click leads to its own special site, that would be great if you played one of those specific games or genres, which makes it hard to compare the different genres if you are new to the systems.

Each of these brand specific websites has its own menu with no easy way to get back to the previous screen without a lot of hunting away from the menu. I also found that it seemed that the Wizards of the Coast seem to promote bad Internet. That is a really busy\flashy site with very little content. They seem to be fans of pictures of dragons and warriors and less a fan of explaining what there site is about.

I will be the first to admit that I can be distracted with a picture of a dragon…but come on.