Two WTF moments today

Posted on Apr 3, 2007

I was perusing my Newsreader to day and two stories caught my eye. The first and by far more disturbing, I think, was Cannibalism in China acceptable if for Health. The headline is enough to get my attention and I considered making it the title of this post since I figured it would do the same for others that think cannibalism is funny. I was reading the article and was slightly grossed out and saddened. It made me a little angry that somewhere in the world human life is so trivial that peoples children are missing and when they are potentially found two to three to a bag no one steps forward to claim them because they are girls. WTF. Makes me want to adopt a Chinese baby. I would possibly saving them from a fate worse then death-Dinner.

The second article, while less disgusting, is a USA problem. I guess in Iowa it is ok to expose yourself to children over the Internet. I would think that even if there is no specific law that it would be considered the same as doing it in public or inviting children over to your house and exposing yourself to them.

So there you have it. WTF.