Killer Whales(Orcas) Revisited

Posted on Apr 3, 2007

I have written twice before about Killer Whales and I wanted to revisit the topic to show the world how these wonderful creatures are the most evil creatures in the oceans.

I have been reading online about killer whales and it seems that a lot of people still don’t believe that they are evil. While I am using a term that is most often used to describe human actions to describe an animal I still find that it is an accurate way to describe the whole species.

First there is this video where we find Killer Whales attacking and torturing baby seals. I know that they are the ultimate ocean predator and that they are just getting a meal, but as the video says this type of hunting is only good for about two weeks before the baby seals learn to stay away from the beach.

I would say that the amount of energy expended by the whales to kill the seals in this manner far out weighs the amount of energy gained by eating a seal. You never see other creatures of the sea playing with their food in such a way, most ocean predators our more interested in doing the minimum of work to get their lunch. Even Homboldt squid (the evilest cephalopod in the ocean) are just killing and eating machines, they avoid targets that fight back and they don’t play with their food.

Secondly, and most important to me, is the fact that a professional research\commercial diver that was one of my instructors at commercial diving school told me that if you are about to go into the water and there are sharks, you will be ok; if there are squid, you will be ok; if there are killer whales, don’t get in the water. This coming from a man who has logged well over 2000 dives in all conditions and specializes in diving with the most dangerous of all sea creatures. Of all the people I have worked with he is the most fearless and when he tells me to fear something because he feels that they are deadly then I believe him.

Most people who say that these creatures are not evil, tell you that it is just nature, the way that killer whales attack the seals. I feel that nature can be just as evil as someone making a choice to do something. If nature can’t be evil then why as a society are we afraid of things that are higher up on the food chain then us. We as humans take down anything that kills humans as fast as we can. We kill a bear that mauled some hikers faster then we kill genocidal maniacs. The maniacs made a choice the bear was just acting within its nature.

To summarize: Killer Whales are evil