Childrens Festival

Posted on Apr 1, 2007

The childrens festival went great this year, all of the entertainment acts showed up and the audiences at all of the performances where responsive and larger then previous years.

The only problem we had is we got a pretty crappy sound set up. This wasn’t a problem for a lot of the day except when we had dance acts. All of the dance groups understood except for one who I am not sure quite understood what I was saying.

It was nice this year because I didn’t have to perform very much other then introducing the acts. The previous years I have had to fill one to three slots when acts wouldn’t show up. This year I just had to fill in when people got done early.

I had a really great interaction with one of the little ballerinas, right before her group went on stage. I had her teach me some ballet moves and over all it was rather amusing. I got yelled at by the entire audience to point my toes when I do turns and what not. Good times.