Not so game fly

Posted on Mar 29, 2007

So I have started using Game Fly to order my time wasting video games. While I was signing up I started to notice some minor changes that could be made to their site.

When you are adding games to your MyQ you click a button that says “Rent It”, this works well if you are in the games individual page. When there you the button changes once it is added to your MyQ it changes to say “In Q”. However if you are on the main browsing page it dosen’t change, it continues to say “Rent It”. The site dosen’t let you add it to your My Q again but if you are looking a couple days down the road you might not know if you have added it yet or not.

I also find the sites use of pop up type messages to be annoying. When you click on “Rent It” a message pops up saying that it was added to your My Q, then you have to click on a button to view your My Q or to continue browsing. I find these extra steps to be to much work. I think it would be much nicer if it highlighted the game in yellow or orange and said “Adding to your Q”, the color could then fade to the normal background color allowing quicker browsing and adding if need be.

Also when these pop ups show up it starts you again at the top of the page. If you see three games that you like at the bottom of the page you have to scroll down to them three separate times rather then letting you select multiple games or not forcing the restart at the top of the page.

Also they limit your My Q size. I find this frustrating as I like to add stuff to My Q. I realize that limiting the size makes it easier to manage however since I have two systems I like to add a lot of games and there are at least 25 games of each system that I am interested in playing or at least trying out.

Overall I have found my experience with Game Fly to have been quite good though I do find their site frustrating at times.