Now your cooking with gas

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

I just got Cooking Mama: Cook Off from GameFly for my Wii and I am sorta happy with the title. I feel that they made it into a mini game frenzy when I wanted it to be more like Trauma Center: Second Opinion with a simulation feel. Where you had a little more freedom and had to really think as you did the surgery.

The mini games themselves are quite fun, some more tedious then others but all and all a good time, I am fairly good at cracking eggs and chopping up stuff. I found the graphics to be what I expected and the sound effects are really good. Cooking Mama’s voice makes me want to die. I really got annoyed quite fast by what seemed to be the most stereotypical Japanese American accent. Flied lice anyone?

The control works good for most of the mini games but I would get frustrated by the lack of freedom. Like in the stewing mini game you can only stir when it wants you to, you cannot stir when ever you want no matter what you try.

Other then those minor annoyances it is a fun game that I would rate as a good time waster alone or a fun group game, though there is no multiplayer that I have found. It does however make me hungry.