Saints Row is quite a waste of time

Posted on Mar 27, 2007

Now I don’t mean that in a bad way. I mean that this game can suck you right into it with all of the mini-games forcing you to spend hours and hours completing them without necessarily completing any part of the actual story line (other then the first quick mission).

Having had this game for a while I can say that it is a game that has a high rating on the screw around scale but a low rating on me caring about the story. I have yet to finish the game. I got really close once and when I couldn’t kill the last Los Canales guy after two tries I quit caring. I just focused on getting all of the other parts of the game done.

My favorite part of the game which isn’t even a mandatory part of the game are the garages where you can “pimp” out your cars. I spend more time playing with that and fixing up cars that I am always poor in the game. I have had to figure out ways to make money with the mini games in order to support my car modding habit.

The overall gameplay is slicker then GTA, there are no load times or waiting to have access to other parts of the game. This leads to a lot of exploring of areas you don’t need until later in the game. While this really isn’t a problem, except it causes you to waste a lot of time just playing around without accomplishing anything.

I would say that if Violition would have put motorcycles, boats and planes like GTA then it would have been an actual GTA killer, right now it is a great game that is like GTA but missing some features. I feel that if Rockstarr and Violition and Realtime Worlds joined forces…the next sandbox game would be out of control. Seriously.