My office is not equal to awesome right now

Posted on Mar 27, 2007

So my work is starting to frustrate me. I have been trying to cut down on overtime in order to save some money. It hasn’t been working. I try to treat my employees with respect and assume that they are adult enough to manage their time and when I talk to them about only working overtime when it is necessary, that they would try to cut their overtime.

At this same meeting I mentioned that we need to start calling the next days showings the day before. This will ensure that when our agents go to showings that there is a better chance of the potential tenants showing up. They did it for a day and I haven’t seen or heard anyone doing it since then.

I also mentioned that if anyone needed help doing something so that we accrue overtime that I would be willing to help. HELP, not do it for them; it seems that instead of being adults they are the same as preschoolers and so I will treat them as such. I am in the process of working up a calling schedule so x employee has to call on x day, I am also going to make it so all overtime must be approved. Finally I am going to punch the next person who pushed their work off on me in the nose.