Them video games are So fly

Posted on Mar 23, 2007

So I have started using game fly. It seems to work good and overall I have been happy with the service and all that jazz. I am hoping that it continues to be a good service and gives me what I want.
I find the whole mail order video games\DVD thing to be quite interesting. It always seems to be a good idea but then I inevitably stop sending them back fast enough to save money, at least that is what Sarah and I did with netflicks. I think I will do better with video games since I already play the shit out of video games.
This will hopefully prevent me from spending more money on video games and screwing myself over on the trading them in for credit or whatever. I will have to apologize to bob at the game store since I won’t be buying games as much.

I will also admit that I am hoping to get enough people to join as my friends to get a free nintendo ds so Sarah and I can play Bust a Move against each other. Oh and so I can also get the new Final Fantasy for DS.