Things I saw on my first ocean dive

Posted on Mar 23, 2007

I was originally trained in SCUBA by a local firefighter who was a PADI instructor. I took my Jr. Open Water when I was 15 and shortly afterwards went to Cozumel Mexico with my uncle Kevin. The neatest creatures that I saw where a toad fish, a group of squid and a spotted eagle ray.

The toad fish was neat because the kind we saw only live in the area we where diving. The one that we saw had wedged itself under a rock. It was a splendid toad fish which looked remarkably like this one. finding it was suprising and was one of the last dives of our trip.

The squid where all in a row and we where able to swim around them for quite a while. The neatest thing about them was the fact that they kept flashing red, probably cause we where irritating them, and that they just let us swim around them.

We saw the spotted eagle ray from quite a distance away, it was amazing to see the way that it was flapping its “wings” to swim. I only wish that we could have gotten closer to to the ray so we could have seen it up close. However it was moving along so fast all we could do is watch as it flew by.