Nintendo Wii or Xbox 360

Posted on Mar 23, 2007

So I own both the Wii and the Xbox 360 and I find them both to be quite enjoyable, though I play the 360 more. This is because I am a lazy gamer. Even though I find the wii more enjoyable to play I find that I would rather sit on the couch and relax then move a lot when I play.

I also tend to be playing games while I am making dinner. My Xbox 360 has better range on the controller since it is not based on my position to the tv. I got to thinking about this when I realized that I was playing my older Xbox games instead of finishing Zelda or Trauma Center. It has nothing to do with the quality of games, there has just not been a game I have played on the Wii that is a great screw around game. Whereas Saints Row and Oblivion are great screw around games when you have a short time to play.

I am thinking that this will change once I start to get more Wii games from Game Fly.