Frustrating day

Posted on Mar 19, 2007

This morning my day was great, super great…then lunch tried to happen. I was getting ready to leave, to meet Sarah for some Chinese food, when I noticed a flaw in the payroll. This morning there was one little mistake…right before lunch there was about 55 extra hours of overtime that magically appeared. So I got back from lunch and spent two hours fixing the time clock and the hours so payroll can go great tomorrow.

Then, one of my office staff got kind of sassy with me about the overtime that appeared on her time card, saying that it was wrong and that it shouldn’t be there. This was after I sent an email about cutting overtime and that we where going to have meeting about overtime on Thursday. Makes me wonder.

Yesterday was also kind of frustrating since I came up with a great community site for Harper and I to wok on that was foiled by a certain domain not being available. It made me so mad I had to go clean stuff. So Mad!!

I have once again redesigned my site, at Harper’s suggestion, to be a little less busy and less clutter free. I am hoping to continue my streak of updating a lot as well as touching on a wide variety of subjects.