Cat Fight

Posted on Mar 15, 2007

So our cat Reno was outside last night with Sarah when along game two dogs. Long story short, Reno was smelled by the dogs, which he didn’t like, so he hit them. This led to a royal rumble of sorts with Reno coming out on top in the battle royal.

The annoying thing is that in Greeley all animals are supposed to be on a leash if they are outside. Our cat was on a leash and these dogs where not. Doesn’t that seem wrong to you? I mean if this dog owner would have had his dogs on leash this wouldn’t have happened. Reno received only a small bite on one of his arms but other wise seems to be ok.

This is one of the dogs claws that he lost in the battle as well as some dog hair.

This is our doormat with clumps of dog hair showing Reno’s victory.

This is Reno up on his fortress of solitude shortly after the fight.

This afternoon I am planning on going and checking on the dogs as well as making sure they are up on their rabies vaccines since they did bite Reno.

Stupid Dogs