So many good video games

Posted on Mar 14, 2007

There are so many good video games coming out this year. Here is the list of my top five for XBOX 360 and the Nintendo Wii.XBOX 360:

  1. Stuntman: Ignition–> I think that this game will be quite enjoyable in the fact that, like the previous games in the series, all you have to do is drive and make checkpoints by a certain time to complete the scene. It is basically racing the clock. Nice visuals witha simple story line.

  2. Bioshock–> Even though I tend to not play the horror genre of games, this one strikes my fancy since it takes place underwater. After watching the videos for it, I pretty much decided that I need to play this game. I hope that it lives up to its potential as a creepy, yet fun, game. Check out this design contest for a BIOSHOCK inspired t-shirt.

  3. Grand Theft Auto IV–> While this is not really the fourth game in the series I think this game could potentially be what Saints Row and Crackdown should have been. Typically the GTA series hasn’t had a lot of competition within its own genre, however, this year has been a great year for the sandbox type games and hopefully RockStar step up to the plate and kicks everyone elses ass.

  4. Spore–> Although this is an Unconfirmed game I have to add it here because I feel that this is a game that I need to play and that will change all aspects of gaming. I think that this game is going to rock and be a game that will create a Pseudo-Learning genre where you learn theories of something without any actual facts.

5.Halo 3–> This game is going to be great. They did such a good job with the first two and I hope that continues. Whenever I play the Halo games I am reminded of Duke Nukem 3d. Mostly because your killing aliens. But that memory alone could sell me lots and lots of video games.

Nintendo Wii:

  1. Mario Party 8–>This game is in the same vein as all of the other Mario Party games only better. Since it will use Wii-mote it will be awesome. Since the Mario Party folks can learn from the pitfalls of Wario Ware and Raving Rabbids. All in all I think it will be a great game.

2.Super Mario Galaxy–> The new Mario game. Hopefully it will be cooler then Mario Sunshine. I found that game to be to repetitive to be enjoyable. Of course as I write this I remember some of the fun I had playing it and want to play some of the levels again. Curse you Nintendo.

3.Spider-Man 3–>I love super hero movies and have had pretty good luck playing the games based on them. Even though this game comes out on both XBOX 360 and Wii, I feel that the controls on the Wii will make this game awesome. Plus Spider-man 3 = Venom. Need I say more.

4.Space Station Tycoon–>A great game that is going to be a download only. This game brings together the sim-whatever concept and mindless sillyness into the same game, it going to be awesome.

5.Ready 2 Rumble Boxing 3–> This has potential to be an awesome boxing game. Hopefully 10TACLE Studios Asia learned from the mistakes of Wii Sports Boxing and take this up to the next level. The cartoon style and great gameplay of the first Ready 2 Rumble will make this a great game.