All That Jazz

Posted on Mar 13, 2007

So having started the store I wanted to get some opinions as well as spread the word about the store. I have just started using and it seem like a good place to get an opinion since it was my first post of any sort.

I have gotten some interesting feedback so far but I don’t know what to do. The most helpful comment was that I needed to include dimensions and care instructions for the purses, which got me thinking about including a size chart for the hoodies. The most confusing comment has been about the front page. Should it be a paragraph explaining stuff with links interspersed to help with navigation or should the products be big links of their own to blast people with where the stuff can be found.

I personally think that having the links in the sentence leads people to the place they need to get and overstating them makes it look crappy. I changed it to the list of items to see what the people who have commented think so we shall see. Let me know what you think.

Oh and for the cuteness.