Posted on Mar 7, 2007

I have been typing up and inventory list for work. It isn’t the most fun but is relatively mindless so it gives me time to think. Here is what I have been thinking.

1)That I need a non cluttering hobby. My current crop of things I like to do are sewing, video games, entertainment related skill practice. The problem is that sewing involves setting up a sewing table, my Bernina and all the other accessories needed to sew. Plus while I am sewing I tend to make more and more messes with the scraps, little pieces of string and pins everywhere. I am sure that it makes Sarah crazy. My video game hobby, which shouldn’t clutter, tends to clutter as I leave me controllers and what not out all of the time. One way I could un clutter this is to pick one system (Wii) and get rid of the other. The problem with that is there are still games that I want to play that are only on the XBOX 360. So until I can play those games on my Wii I will have to keep both systems. The practicing my skills involves digging out all of my juggling stuff or balloon stuff or magic stuff and using it. During the winter this tends to happen inside and that leads to bigger messes inside and also to scared cats. Once summer hits I am able to practice juggling outside, but the balloon and magic work still gets practiced inside. The least messy is the Magic since it typically is just a pack of cards. Of course once I get started cards end up everywhere.

  1. I realized that while I think that it would be fun to play Rifts again, I still find it hard to admit. Finding people to play with has also been a problem. I have found some of my old books and have been enjoying reading them in between showings and what not. I talked briefly to a friend that plays tabletop games and he was less then excited. Well maybe later. I think what I need to do is get Sarah’s brother to GM the game and just do it in a protected forum of sorts all online. We can us Computer dice rollers and do it all online. This way there is less meeting face to face admitting we have a problem. We shall see.

  2. That I need to check up on my spell check. This is from my last post “Once you get a supervisor tell them that you think that the Rape and Pillage that their company practices on their costumers is appalling.” As you can see I think that they Rape and Pillage the people who make their costumes not the people who use their service. I want to know why my computer dosen’t just know what I am thinking. –Thanks to Sarah for pointing this out.

  3. That as much as Sarah and I’s money woes suck, they could be worse. A lot of people are in the same boat as us or worse. We have a place to live and we have a plan. Sure we may not be getting our matching Mini Coopers yet, but we are also not deciding which cat we are going to roast this weekend. So enough bitching about money, now its time to kick money’s ass. Consider yourself warned money.

Darth Sarah

That is pretty much all I thought about that I can remember. Well breaks over.