I hate credit card companies

Posted on Mar 6, 2007

Here is the backs story and what happened last Friday:

Sarah and I have gotten ourselves into a little bit of a debt problem mostly stemming from the health problems that have we have been experiencing these past few years. So basically we paid our bill late. This is our fault… totally. We are very sorry about it. So we got our next bill we noticed that our minimum payment had gone up and all of the extra money we had sent to pay down our balances went all towards interest.

The problem they ran into right there is that while I am normally not a macho man that needs to protect my lady. When people make Sarah mad I get mad. I hop on my white horse and ride off into battle. Unfortunately for Chase I have a lot of patience and I am a smart-ass.

My call was connected to Herschel in Bombay India. A relatively nice fellow who insisted that he couldn’t help me and that we where basically stuck where we were on APR and that if we had a perfect payment history for 6 months we could maybe receive a reduced rate. These six months would only cost us and extra $700. So one day past grace period equals a late fee of $739, our mortgage company charges $45 or so for a late payment. So whatâa‚¬a„¢s up with the $739 for a $7000 debt? That shit is wack.

So after Hershel could no longer help me I was politely transferred to a supervisor who at first I thought was going to be very helpful. We talked and I mentioned that we had opted out of a rate increase and had the paper to prove it, so we rushed to the shop and faxed it on over. She called us back about 20 minutes after the fax was sent to say that she needed to talk to her supervisor who wouldn’t be in until Monday. She said she would call us around 7:40pm our time. We waited. All weekend. Monday finally came and no call. None. Zip. Zero. So I call back.

After getting another person in India with a strangely western name I was transferred to a supervisor not the one I was previously transferred to but another one. He was a smug little shit whose name I cannot remember. He basically once again told me that our rate wasn’t up for adjustment and that if we kept our payment in good standing for 6 months…you get the idea. I tried to reason with him, pointing out such things as the fact that we had transferred balances to them in the past and that we wanted to keep their card and other things that up until that moment where true. All this was no use. Basically it was like talking to the no machine.

When I asked for the original supervisor I was told she was unavailable which I hope means she had a case of the screaming shits and was stuck on the toilet. I told him that they could expect to see our account paid off in a week and that we would never use there company again and we would do our best to get as many people to leave their company as we could. Thatâa‚¬a„¢s what this is. A call to battle.

If you would like to help cancel any and all cards that you can with Chase Visa…if you can’t do that call 1.800.945.2000 type in a bunch of numbers (at least 16) and get to a customer service representative. Once there, tell them that you where talking to a supervisor in Orlando, Eva Tseros. Once you get a supervisor tell them that you think that the Rape and Pillage that their company practices on their costumers is appalling. If they ask why give them my website. Here is their website.