This is awkward(see number two)

Posted on Feb 28, 2007

So a few interesting things have happened in the past couple days…by the past couple days I mean yesterday.

First off I have been looking for a copy of Bubble Bobble for the Nintendo Dual Screen to give to Sarah. If you don’t know Bubble Bobble it is the adventure of two little dinosaurs that blow bubbles to trap enemies which you then pop to collect all sorts of good and yummy treats. It was a game for The NES and hasn’t really been seen since. I had to go to Circuit City for work to look for a television for one of our owners to give a way to someone who rents their property. While I was there I saw a game that had little cute dinosaurs and said “Crazy Bubble Popping Mayhem” on the back of the box. It was a game for the Nintendo Dual Screen. I grabbed it and went to pay. $11.99 later and I am the proud owner of Bust-a-Move, not Bubble Bobble. Doh!. Luckily for me Sarah likes Snood and Bust-a-Move is basically the same idea as Snood. Now Sarah is addicted to Bust-a-Move.

Secondly, yesterday I was looking online at the new Shadowrun video game. Boy did they mess up that franchise bad. What could have been an awesome MMORPG like World of Warcraft(set in the future) or even Oblivion of the future has turned into basically a Unreal Tournament clone. Yes it does have some interesting features and ideas, but they took a great Role Playing Game and made it into just another first person shooter. Dumb. This however got me thinking about the RPG’s I used to play, Rifts and Shadowrun. Ok I really never played Shadowrun, I just made characters and came up with ideas for campaigns. Now Rifts I played a lot with my friend Keefe. We used to walk home from school by first stopping by Don’s Hobbies in Greeley and buying the newest source books and then going home and reading them. After that we would make a new O.C.C., or occupational character class, and go on an adventure.

That got me thinking about how much fun it would be to play Rifts now(this is where it gets awkward). I have a few friends that I know get together and play table top RPG’s, we make fun of them a lot. I mean a lot. I guess there really isn’t anything wrong with playing them it is just like playing Risk or Monopoly for 5 hours. But there is something that shames me about playing RPG’s. Of course it is different if I just spend 6 hours playing Oblivion on my Xbox 360 with no real human contact, I am ok with that.

So while I was thinking about the olden days of playing games with friends, I decided to look in on my game company of choice Palladium. They make Rifts as well as quite a few games like Hero’s[Villains]24 Unlimited. Low and behold they are almost toast. I guess there was some embezzlement and theft and the like that have almost killed the company. This made me sad since so many hours in my childhood where spent playing their games. I almost snapped and ordered some source books and invited some friends over to give playing a try. Then I remembered that I was married and that Sarah would probably die laughing at me.

Thirdly, I have been working on a hoodie for the past couple of weeks and am almost done. I have the every thing but one sleeve, a zipper and the bottom elastic stuff attached. I am going to try and finish it today, so here is hoping. After I finish that hoodie I plan on making a few for presents for other people. I hope they all like them. After that I am hoping to sell them for $200 a piece. We will see.