Posted on Feb 9, 2007

At one of the Home Owners Associations that we manage there is a holding pond for irragation water. The HOA board and my boss(aka dad) want me to dive it to make sure the the inlet\outlet area isn’t clogged. This is awesome because it has given me an excuse to dive again. Of course this makes me get out all of my gear and go through it, re-read all of my manuals and dream. He was
1: I got into contact with my dive friend Scott Cassell.He was one of my instructors at the College of Oceaneering and is an all around good guy. He is currently filming a show on dangerous sea creature and un-like a lot of underwater crazies he really trys his best to protect himself and his crew. He is also somewhat of a circus guy so that is another area in which we click.

2: I want to build a closed circuit oxygen rebreather. This is a device that allows for shallow dives(less then probably 30 feet) with out decompression. It is great for research or diving in holding ponds without having to worry about getting the bends. Also since it is a rebreather it keeps the air moist getting rid of the dry mouth feeling that goes with breathing compressed air. The general idea is here.

3: To do the world record deep juggling dive. My dream is to get a bunch of sponsors (threadless, kirby morgan, some dive company, a camera company and a juggling company) to donate money\services that will allow me to either go into saturation for 3 or four days to practice\attempt and make a Dvd to sell at juggling festivals\dive shops. I would love to do it at around 500 or so feet. Make it unatainable for most recreational divers.

4: Take tec diving classes to learn more about decompression diving, mixed gas diving and of course rebreathers. The ultimate goal being to dive and video tape some cool dives and also to be as safe as possible while doing normal diving.

As part of number 2 I would eventually like to build a KISS(keep it simple stupid) rebreather. This is a manually controlled rebreather that maintains a constant partial pressure of Oxygen to prevent ocygen toxicity at depth as well as provide a quit dive enviorment so there is the constant bubble nosie associated with open circuit systems

Here is the plan. 2,4,3 with the help of 1.