Blame the parents

Posted on Jan 11, 2007

Now the Columbine video game is an interesting plunge that video games have yet to take. The based on a true story video game. It basically puts you in the shoes of either Dylan Kelbold or Eric Harris around the time when they killed 13 of their classmates. It allows you to make similar dicisions to the ones they made and also points out a lot of flaws on the blame that was placed on Death Metal and video games.

My brother and I both listened to the same “evil” music and palyed the same “evil” video games and at no time did either of us try to kill our classmates. Not once. I think that the reason for this is that our parents talked to us. They knew what our interests where adn also what we did with our time. Since our parents always talked to us about life, etc., we always felt comfortable talking to them.

I think that when people start placing blame on music or video games they need to really take a good long look at what they view as an acceptble amount of violence, because unfortunatly violence, like sex, isn’t going to leave the media anytime soon. If you look at movies over the past six months, you will see a trend towards goryer and gorier movies.

So as a society we seem to be predisposed to enjoy violence in any form. If it is not censored in one form why should it be censored in another. If movies, such as SAW, are going to continue to up the level of violence and gore in movies, we as a society shouldn’t be shocked if the kids and adults alike become desensitized to the same.

As we as a society become more and more desensitized movie makers have to keep uping the ante to draw in more people. As the video game industry sees this growing trend they are going to start doing the same thing. Rarely is there a video game that is more violent then a movie. Even the goriest games fall short of the psychological drama and out and out gore of the movies.

I feel that if a game is rated ‘M’ for Mature then parents who allow their kids to play such games should be held accountable for their childrens actions. The fact that Rockstar choose to make a game about being a violent Godfather-like criminal has nothing to do with the choices of someone who played the game.

It is no different then if a child watched ‘The Godfather’ and then went on a killing spree. No one would sue Mario Puzo if that happend. Everyone would just think that the child was crazy.

Its like the parents who sued Rockstar over a random shooting that killed their son. Why didn’t they sue the anyone who has ever written, starred in or produced a violent movie. I realize that the parents grief was great and that they needed someone to blame. So blame the two teenagers who shot their son. “The two teenagers responsible for the shooting, which left a second person seriously wounded, claimed that they had decided to randomly shoot at vehicles on Interstate 40 after playing Grand Theft Auto III.” I think this is awesome, I can do anything that might have been depicted in a video game and just blame the company that made it. With all the video games that I play the criminal possibilities are endless.