Posted on Jan 2, 2007

So it has been a hectic holiday season. First with the family arrangements. With everyone wanting us to be everywhere at the same time. Harper went to Japan for the season to be with his not mail order bride Hiromi. That was good and all, but Sarah and I missed that red haired bastard.

So for Xmas I got a Nintendo Wii from Harper and Sarah, it was awesome. I got it a little earlier then Xmas and my mom wasna€™t supposed to tell but she did. She is now out of the circle of trust. So far for the Wii I have played Trauma Center, Rayman Raving Rabbids, Elebits and Zelda. Trauma Center is awesome, really tricky, but awesome. I enjoy feeling like I am doing surgery as well as the way the controls are setup. After a brief remembering period each time I start playing, I find them to be very intuitive. Raving Rabbids is a lot of fun, crazy mini-game style fun. I really enjoyed how they made it so that you have to really move to do some of the games and then some are much more precision based. Elebits, quite frankly sucked donkey balls, I found the controls to be lacking and I couldna€™t buy into the story so I found it to be more trouble then it was worth.

ZELDA. Awesome. Great graphics. Great controls, Great Story. Basically GREAT. After renting Elebits (thank god), I was so disappointed that I needed a good game. I had bee looking for a copy of Zelda since I got my Wii. Finally a came across one at circuit city. I went home and played and played. I have collected all of the Tears of light and am about to explore the castle\city area of Hyrule.

Over all the Wii is great. I love the navigation setup. The a€oechannelsa€. They allow easy access to any of the programs you have, as well as the web browser and Mii channel. When you download a virtual console game it pops up as a channel so you can access it easily without going though multiple menus like on the XBOX360.

The Mii channel is where Sarah rocks it out. She is really good at making Miia€™s that look like people we know. It is awesome. Anyone else that has a Wii should shoot me an email since I have no Wii friends yet.

I have discovered Saraha€™s hidden talent. It is Super Mario Brothers. She kicks its ass. She has beaten it a whole bunch of times since we downloaded it for the Wii.

Also here in Colorado we got an Ass Load of snow. Twice. Sarah and I where trapped inside our house for about two days, almost three but the plow came at 11pm on the 2nd day.

People cana€™t even begin to handle it at work. It is awesome. Oh and my dad finally got the tractor he has always wanted.