Posted on Dec 18, 2006

So I was doing my morning check the news when I found this article. It got me thinking, if this is the second time in 10 years that that museum has canceled an exhibit due to slavery issues, why is it that the rest of us don’t get to choose the history that museums show.

Why don’t museums get rid of all of their dinosaur exhibits, since it makes humans not the first thing created for the Jesus folks. Or why don’t these same groups who are anti slavery (as we all should be) fight the Egypt exhibits since those damn Pharaohs used slaves. In fact we should get rid of all American history prior to the civil war since it is full of references to slavery and the slave trade.

What are these groups worried about that some kid is going to see an exhibit about pirates and be surprised that they did something not good. Pirates where criminals, DUH, in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean it shows pirates involved in all sorts of unsavory activities, including killing people, hinting at raping a person and my favorite being undead.

Most kids have seen that movie and realize that pirates are not something you want to be when you grow up. I have never seen kids playing like there pirates and saying �Lets capture the lady of the town and rape her”. I see kids playing at sword fighting, sailing, and attacking other boats.

I feel that if this exhibit was allowed to exist, there wouldn’t be a horrible change in how kids play pirates. I think that instead it would deepen the already dark history of slavery in America and show the truth of what happened instead of blinding the future understanding of the generations to come

Anyway… I got to go.