Cephalapods are Awesome

Posted on Dec 4, 2006

Harper sent me this video and it made me remember how much I like Octopi. Basically it shows how nice it would be to not have bones. Earlier I posted that soon the orcas will be our overlords. I am changing that Idea to mean The United Octopus Alliance (UOA). With their ability to suck our faces off and the ease in which they could escape they will quickly dominate the world. Unlike the inately evil Orca, the UOA will work to unite the world. Unfortunatly there would of course be the blue ringged octopi that would side with the Orcas and be an embarassment to all UOA and all of the affiliated species. Oh and did I mention they are tricky
The Pity Party was a resounding success with just Sarah and I attending, We spent some quality time with our friends of Mario Party 5 but since they don’t get out much they didn’t get us any good presents. Harper sent me an internet hug of sorts. Thanks Harper

Also I think that my mom just deletes emails that I send her. I sent her stuff I would like for Xmas about 3 weeks ago. I mentioned it to her yesterday when she asked what I wanted for xmas. She said she never received it.

Oh and dad is cranky today

Stupid Shark