Choose your own adventure

Posted on Nov 2, 2006

I remember those books, always so much fun. The best part is that they have survived in spirit with the creation of all of the free form video games. The best example that i can come up with is Splinter Cell: Double Agent. The main story is that you are an NSA secret agent and you are going under cover with a terrorist cell. Surprisingly the terrorists are not arab\Taliban but seem to be Russian or the like. Basically cold war\James Bond bad guys.

The choices you get to make affect your trust meter with the NSA and the terrorists. Through out all missons you have primary objectives to complete that have to be done. Its the secondary objectives that give you the choices. You can go crazy and start killing civilians on a cruise ship and the NSA will stop liking you or if you avoid that all together the Terrorists will stop liking you.

At certain parts of the story you are given a choice to kill certain people or to allow a bomb to go off. You can go either way and however it goes affects how the two groups feel about you. Its a good time.

It makes me glad to choose my own adventure on my Xbox 360.Awesome