Cigar Boxed In

Posted on Oct 25, 2006

So the other day I was laying in my bed recovering from knee surgery number two in five weeks when I had a brainwave. I have always found cigar boxes to be a quite facinating juggling article. The shear number ofthings you can do with them and the awe that it provides for an audeince makes me happy. Plus of all juggling things besides balls you can find the most items like the prop at the grocery store for cigar boxes. Cereal, cake mix, jello boxes you name it it is cigar boxable.

So I got to thinking, why not make giant cigar boxes. Make them 2’ x 3’ out of some light weight material and have them manipulated by two jugglers. You could do a lot of the same tricks and the comedy of it would be great. I admit a large part of my inspiration came from watching the clowns at the circus last time I was there. I imagine three clowns one(A and B) on each end box and one(C) watching them. ‘B’ would keep messing around when they where srarting the tricks by pulling his box a way and putting it back causing the whole row of boxes to move left to right. ‘A’ getting frustrated would call over ‘C’ to hold his box while he went to talk to ‘B’. Once ‘A’ got over to ‘B’ he would tap him on the shoulder. Since ‘B’ was still rocking the boxes as he turned towards ‘A’ he would miss the boxes causeing the middle box to fall on ‘A’ trapping him. Once ‘A’ got up and promptly kicked ‘B’ in the ‘B’-hind, they would start the rest of the act. Of course figures could get caught and the like the rest of the act. Then as a finally one of teh clowns could nine box balance nine huge boxes. Man I need to make friends with other clowns in my area.

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