Posted on Oct 17, 2006

I went to the circus this last weekend and had a grand old time. First are tickets where cheap cheap thanks to a friend of mine that is a clown with Ringling Bros. I realize as I type this that my previous post explained all of that so….moving on.

On the morning of the Circus we got up and went and got donuts for the clowns. Upon arriving at the Denver Colesium we tried to find parking with absolutely no luck. We parked in one place and got out of our car only to have the parking attendents show up as we where walking away from our car. So we had to move it.

After finally finding a free parking spot we wondered to will call to get are tickets. After signing about 12 (4 really) pieces of paper threough the bars of the will call window we called Steve and he told us where to meet him to deposit the donuts. After doing that we got in line and headed into the arena for the pre-show.

Once we entered we saw Steve on a platform doing a nine box balance as well as other clowns doing other juggling stuff. After Steve finished up with his quick act we found are seats and then watched a clown do some fabulous unicycling\juggling tricks.

The next act in the area we where standing was Steve and another clown doing hat tossing, after some tom-foolery we got to see a great long distance hat toss\catch. Then we talked to Steve and took us over to an area where you fill out a paper to win a painting done by an elephant. Needless to say we won, maybe we had help maybe not…I’m not saying.

After that Sarah and I went to our seats and watched the rest of the pre-show from the imagined comfort of our seats. Once the show started I realized two things: One, that the circus had picked a really lame story to base their whole show on. Two, I love watching circuses.

The two main clown acts during the show where quite entertaining with my favorite being the food fight, mostly because it was really messy. After the show we waited for a majority of the audience to leave and then we traveled backstage to meet the clowns.

It was really interesting to see the backstage area. It was fairly orginized with curtained off cubicles for most of the stars and a room for the clown alley. Once you entered the alley the orginazation stopped. All of the clowns had there steamer trunks set up where ever in a kind of horseshoe and since they work seven days a week there was a lot of clutter.

While we where backstage we met all of the clowns, got thanks for the donuts and also got all of their autographs in the program.

I have to say that all in all it was a good day. Oh and I met the official Barnum and Bailey & Ringling Bros. Circus Clown of Crunk. I am not even kidding that was how he was announced in the show. He was a really nice guy. I would say that if you get a chance to see the Blue Unit of the Circus go. It Rocks