New way of Bloging

Posted on Sep 14, 2006

Thanks harper for showing me this new fancy way of blogging. It is through microsoft and explorer and it seems to be magic.

THe wii comes out nov 19th and it is even budled with a game. that should be exciting. This weekend sarah and I where in Tahoe for Nan’s wedding. It was a nice ceromony and sarah and I beat the casinos by $65. They have now learned not to mess with us.

I also learned how to shot Craps. It seemed like a good time until i realized how fast the money went away. Luckily it wasn’t my money.

Prior to us leaving I got Saints Row for my XBOX 360. It is,as many reviewers have said, a nice Grand Theft Auto clone. I find that I am able to more easily enjoy the mayhem of this game that I haven’t enjoyed in the GTA games since the GTA3. Mostly because the games interface is fancy and the map system rocks.