New computer at work

Posted on Aug 25, 2006

So I got a Dell Optiplex for work. It is great I just finished putting music on it and am listening to Tubular Bells. The best thing that about my new computer is the 19” monitor. I am going to be sad to have to go home and use that computer with its small (15” i think) monitor. Sarah and I have a plan. No news for you folks just know that New Stuff is going to be happening soon.

There has been a release of stuff that I want, a lot of stuff I want. First it was these cards. These cards are great because they are the same as regular bicycles except they are printed on a nicer stock of paper. This allows a greater life to the cards as well as a smoother operation. Also since these cards where made by magicians quickly to follow will be a gaff deck that allows for awesome tricks.

The other awesome thing is also from the magic world. It is a trick called Silver Dream. It is a great coin trick that has the greatest handling I have seen. Basically you make three coins disappear and reappear and then disappear. Check it out here. To do this trick all you need is three same coins and maybe sleeves but what do I know. In the preview video he (Justin� Miller) uses a prduct called Ultra Smoke to create smoke when he disappears the second coin.

Another neat project is made more for adding a “Shocking” bit of magic to your mind reading it is an apparatus that allows you to shock the living daylights out of people. And if it dosen’t allow that it should.

Now all i need is money to buy these things.