Posted on Aug 18, 2006

So recently after months and months of no clown\entertaining jobs I keep getting calls about doing jobs the weekend of Nan’s wedding. It isn’t really annoying so much as it is a bummer because I want to do both.

I am hoping that soon, so very soon, I will start clowning\entertaining more. I have been practicing my magic a lot and have been enjoying learning more of the basic slieghts. Basically I am going to be awesome soon.

The tricks I am most excited about are two card monte (still). It is the card trick that david blaine does a lot and it kicks ass. At first when learning it I thought that it would be to over done since it was done on TV. Luckily it is such an awesome trick that it dosen’t matter. It is one of those card tricks that basically keeps peoples standards low and then explodes making people gape in disbelief.

I would right more but work just got annoying I mean sitting at home after work got annoying