Wierd stuff at work

Posted on Jul 25, 2006

So i was searching in google for “no soliciting sign rules in greeley CO” in google and I found a swingers club in Denver. It was weird. Sometimes google makes me laugh

Anyway. Today when I got home from work I went through and practiced all of the card tricks I know to 1) make them better and 2) try to come up with a basic routine. I think that I need to master a few more tricks so I will have fiftenn minutes of card magic which can be drawn out to 20 if necessary. I have decided that I need to make the leap to stage magic. even though I enjoy doing stuff more impromptu I think that a lot of the Illusions that I have seen could become quite funny and make an overall clown stage show better.

I am still interested in the whole Street Clowning Idea but I have found that I need to master a lot more skills in order to be able to become what I want as a Street Clown. I am planning on starting a practice plan that will fit nicely into my ADHD problems. I will practice for at leat 30minutes a day and no more then 1 hour. I am not going to set a specific skill for a certain day but instead make weekly goals such as 1000 throws with balls, or slicker 1 handed fan with cards or idle for 2 minutes on the unicyce. Little things that will build up core skills allowing me to learn new tricks faster.

I figure that this plan will allow me to take time to practice what I enjoy while still allowing me to learn new things. Another plus of this plan is that a lot of the skillz that need the most work (excpt the unicycle) can be done almost anywhere.

NEWSFLASH: After talking to the LADY about the FESTIVAL I opted out of doing the FESTIVAL this year and told her that I would contact her next year about doing it. I mostly did this because I was very frustrated with the way things where handled this year and also Sarah and I are taking her mom and Brian to a Rockies game this Sunday. So I will probably go to the FESTIVAL on Saturday and bring some cards and just do a little entertianing off the books so I at least have a prescence there. I can also see if THE COMPETITION will complain if I am there.

Recently Sarah and I created out of an old piece of furniture that Brian had a charging table for all of our electronic devices. It works ok but mounting the power strips is giving me fits. super sticky stuff didn’t work and either did velcro. Looks like it is time for a velcro\staple gun combo.

It is raining like crazy right now.