Posted on Jul 18, 2006

Lots of those in the future. Here is a basic run down of the aformentioned Plans.Plansplansplans..Plansy..plan.

Step one: Using my fathers phenomenal skills with power tools, plans found on the internet and other sources, and my total dedication to being awesome; build stage Illusions(oh also part of step one is to only use punctuation incorrectly(.

Step two: Practice a whole bunch doing these illusions’ while recruiting friend’s to help? (ok i will stop with the bad punctuation now.)� Friends, if you are reading this, that means you.

Step three: talk to a guy I know who designs lights for shows and what nt to have him help me design a lighting scheme that would work for most theatre settings.

Step four: Train friends how to assist with the tricks. Also figure out costumes and other pieces of the puzzle.

Step five(actually like step 1.5): plan flow of show and dialouge and whatever else is needed.

Step six (really step five): Unleash the greatest clown magician in the world. Dance Blaintonfield!!!!!!

Ok so that is the plan. to donate money please email me or paypal: dylan . reed @

Any sponsers will be listed on in the program for the show if you donate more then $100.oo I iwll send you an autographed picture of me and the cast after the final show. If you donate $1000 I will appear at you b-day party and make balloons for everyone there(hopefully less then 300 people)

Please help