Psp\Xbox360\Wii and Opps

Posted on Jul 7, 2006

So I am starting to rock the psp homebrew stuff again, After losing my psp charger for about 3 months (it was in the garage) I finally found it and decided to start playing with it again. Mostly because I had so much fun before with it.

When I first got the PSP from harper I thought SWEEEET! and it still is however that was before i bought sarah a Nintendo ds wen she was sick. Man those are cool, The touch screen make s stuff so much fun and the graphics rock.

SPeaking of looking sweet I am still enjoying my xbox360 of course, I have been playing a lot of Oblivion and I enjoy it but with my ADHD I have a hard time finishing anything. There are all sorts of side quests that distract me and I want to do them all so I just end up running about. it is crazy. Also I am playing blazing angels, a WWII style plane game. IT is a lot of fun and it is funny because I am learning history while playing video games. There is one level that is two hard.

Also the nintendo Wii comes out soon and I am very excited for it, It is going to rock my video game world. seriously

Oh and josh call me I lost your number and we need to get on live together, my gamer tag is kil4god, hee hee

oh and harer you know how I wasn’t supposed to upgrade my psp I did and then downgraded what!!