This time I really am sorry

Posted on Jun 6, 2006

So I ran out of time to blog again.

Since I last posted things have been crazy.. I mean really crazy. Unfortunately for those of you who car I still haven’t learned how to spell. But whatever.

Sarah and I travelled with my family to Boone, NC and watch Jon graduate. It was pretty sweet. He did a good job at graduating. The speaker at the GRad was super duper lame. He started telling war stories and sold his books at the graduation. Lame

Also whilst in Boone Sarah’s leg started to bother her. We just figured it was a sore muscle and so she just took it easy and and took tylenol for the pain. Upon arriving home she decided it was a good idea to go to the doctor.

SO she goes to see DR tucker to get it checked out to judt make sure that it was a sore muscle and get some piece of mind. Am i glad she did. Dr Tucker sent her to get an ultrasound done on her leg. and poof Clotsville. SHe had a blood clot from hip to ankle.

Talk about scaring the shit out of everyone involved. They sent her back to her doctor who sent her to the hospital ASAP. I of course had to work the day she went to the doctor and so I get the “Dylan, I am going to the Hospital phone call” Luckily my bosses are cool.

So Sarah spent about 5 days or so in the Hospital. WHile there they inserted a PICC line(periphrally inserted central cathiter) basically that means that there is a tbe running from right above her elbow joint to her neck so they can take blood with out having to poke sarah. they say that it is for sarah but it is really so sarah stops hitting the nurses.

More later