Three Things

Posted on Apr 24, 2006
  1. This last weekend I helped my mom set up the embroidery module for her super fancy Bernina Arista 200e. Man is it fancy. You can do full color embroidery with as many colors as you want. The greatest thing was that it took about 15 minutes to setup and my mom hadn’t done it because the whole time she thought she had to download something. All I had to do was attach the module and then poof…EMBROIDERY HO!!!!!!

Using her machine made me realize that even though my machine rule, a computerized embroidery machine\sewing machine has the potential to rule more. Someday.

On the subject of my Bernina. IT is back, as I might have mentioned previously, and better then ever. Luckily it was not broken very much and just needed a tune up. Awesome. I am back to sewing my soul away for Jesus making purses, though I still might miss my 1,000 purse quota by a lot.

One of the local manicurists has a whole beauty salon and is going to start to sell our purses. Hopefully this is a trend that will continue so I can follow my dream of opening up a sweat shop of my very own someday in a third world country. Just kidding

But seriously

No I’m kidding

  1. My cell phone still sucks. Let that be a lesson to all that Cingular Wireless in my opinion has the worst costumer service and the worst cell phone service of any other company that I or anyone I have talked to has seen. You hear that Cingular I told you I would put it on a website. Sure it isn’t like I originally planned. But it is up. HA.

With my current problem I called Cingular and spoke to someone very helpful who we shall call Kate(we will call her that because that is what she told me her name was). She told me that they had been having problems with SIM cards going bad. So she sent me to a local Cingular store to get a new one. They traded out my SIM card and my service did not improve so I called back.

On my second call I got a man who we will call Asshole McGee (because that is what I thought he said his name was�can’t be sure though). I explained my problem to him again, because even though they say they are noting it on your account, they are not, and he said that my only option was to send him $120 dollars for a new bottom of the line phone. Now by send I mean give him a credit card. What I did then was point out that I can cancel my service with Cingular Wireless for $150 then sign on with another carrier keeping my number and getting a free razr phone for just the $36 activation fee. So for just $66 more I can get a top of the line phone.

He was all like “So you want to cancel your service?” And I was all “Not really I just don’t want to get screwed by you guys.” and he was all �You got screwed by us when you signed your contract.” And I was all “whatever.”

So that is that.

  1. XBOX 360,So I might get an Xbox 360. I am so excited. Not only can I play games on it but it will also turn into out new DVD player since we are currently using the PS@ with a wired controller to do all of the DVD watching.

I am in a panic because I don’t know what game to get, or which bundle to get or anything I am like a chicken who lost its head while crossing the road. Today I thought that the best thing to do would be to get the GTA three pack, however that was for the regular XBOX so if I was going to do that why not just buy a regular XBOX. So I thought about one of those WWII games that all seem so fun and cool. But who wants to learn history while they play games. I certainly don’t. Then Sarah and I watch Major League 1 & 2, which got me thinking, why not a baseball game. I mean aside from the fact that they are lame and all that which goes with the lameness. Or should I just wait until the Nintendo Revolution comes out and get one of those. I would get a PS3 when they come out but do to Sony�s insanity they are talking like $800 for just the console. Maybe instead of that you could get to XBOX 360’s and give one to me. hint hint. I mean if I was going to drop $800 on a system I would buy two systems or all of the systems that have been made previously. I mean WTF.

There are just too many choices.

That is all

Oh and this

Just kidding there are actually four or more things.

  1. I am currently reading Verner Vinge�s other book wit Pham Nuwen in it. A Fire Upon the Deep it be called. The book has a really interesting concept of pack minds of the wolf-like Tines as the humans stranded on the planet calls them. I am not sure whether it take place before or after A deepness in the Sky or if that is the right whether.

Ok that was the end