Posted on Apr 11, 2006

So it is funny, I now work for my Dad. which means that I cannot talk trash about my job or he might read it. just kidding. actually my job is going quite well, I basically do all sorts of random stuff.

Like yesterday for instance, I started by going to a meeting at one of the associations where some one was complaining about something that he had complained about for years. Everytime my dad tried to explain what he needed to do the guy would get back into his loop of excuses and what he wanted and what my dad needed to do. It was rediculous.(like my spelling skills)

After that I went back to the shop where I started to do three day notices for people that haven’t paid their rent. I only had to deliver a few to people that I went to highschool with. that was fun. Then I got a call that somplace needed to be shown so I went and did that then back to three days. basicall that is how everyday goes.