Gobolty gook

Posted on Apr 3, 2006

seven days have past since I started working for my dad and so far so good. I am not really suprised but i am happy. I basically spend my time driving around serving notices, checking work quality and inspecting rentals prior to move in. I also sometimes hang out at the office and write work orders and help take rent and such. ok that was just today. One nice thing is that I will be doing something different most days, with no set routine, which is good for the ADHD I seem to be afflicted with. and by afflicted I mean I am its master.

On the purse front I have made 11 out of 21, I believe I have mabe sold two(thanks nan). I haven’t mentioned it yet but I have stopped using sarah’s machine and have switched to using my grandma’s 30year old bernina. Thanks grandma. It seems to do much better then the singer feather weight I was using and helps me to make purses faster and faster.Since I have tricked sarah into being my cut-girl the purse making goes much faster. Soon I will be sellinf purses online, stay tuned for where and when.

And that is all……except: Sarah is the best.

ok bye