Posted on Mar 7, 2006

So these last couple weeks have been really stressful, with sarah’s body not liking the pills she has to take for her UC. She got these funny bruises that went from quater size to my hand sized in less then an hour.

So we went to the emergency room and Sarah was nice enough not to make the " I feel down the stairs it was my fault joke” so That was good, However the ER people where so annoying, they really were puxhing for a blood test and well sarah hates blood and test and when they are together she really gets pissed.

So finally the nurses basically rushed sarah and took her blood, damn vampires. Once the test results where back they sadi that she wasn’t going to die and sent us home to follow up with her real doctors

So the next day we went to Dr Kading and he had no idea what they where but he poked them and prodded them until Sarah punched him in the eye he was satisfied that he didn’t know what they could be.

So he referred us to a dermotologist� who once again had no idea what they where and almost jumped back when she saw them. It was quite amusing. Then after telling sarah that she might have to go to the hospital and stay a while, The doctor instead referred us to the CU medical center to get it lloked at by no less then 10 people.

So we did that and Sarah is off the medication the my have caused it and we are waiting for the biopsy results so we can know for sure that everything is cool.

So I started every Paragrah with So that is So lame